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World News in Brief: Healthcare crisis in DRC, Türk slams Iran hijab law, welcomes new India bill boosting women

The World Health Organization’s representative to the DRC, Dr Boureima Hama Sambo, warned that in six eastern provinces, health facilities have been set alight, health workers killed and others face constant physical and psychological threats, while supplies have been looted. Heavy rain, flooding and landslides have also compromised aid access. Dr Sambo said that the […]

The Fulani and Jihadism in West Africa (II)

By Teodor Dechev The previous part of this analysis, entitled “Sahel – Conflicts, Coups and Migration Bombs”, addressed the issue of the rise of terrorist activity in West Africa and the inability to end the guerrilla war waged by Islamic radicals against government troops in Mali, Burkina Faso , Niger, Chad and Nigeria. The issue […]

France will not ban cars with Russian license plates

France has no intention of announcing a restriction on cars with Russian registration, TASS reported. There is currently no change in French law. This was done by the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. They were followed by Finland, and then by Poland, as reported by the Polish news agency PAP, as the words […]

Human rights in Russia: ‘Significant deterioration’

The UN’s Special Rapporteur for Russia, Mariana Katzarova, sounded the alarm on what she says is a pattern of suppression of civil and political rights there.  Addressing the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Ms. Katzarova voiced grave concerns over mass arbitrary arrests and the “persistent use of torture and ill-treatment.” Clear evidence Citing almost 200 […]

Yemen: Unsung heroes unite for lasting peace

Ongoing peace talks provide a glimpse of hope that a political resolution to the conflict is on the horizon.  However, on International Day of Peace, celebrated annually on 21 September, humanitarian needs remain staggering and the funding to respond insufficient, as recently highlighted by almost 100 aid agencies. Six months on from the last UN pledging conference […]

Bruges: between canals and chocolates, a gourmet destination

Bruges is a picturesque city located in the Flemish region of Belgium. Known for its romantic canals and well-preserved medieval architecture, Bruges is a must-visit destination for food lovers. With an abundance of artisan chocolate shops, traditional breweries and fresh produce markets, this city offers a unique culinary experience. When you visit Bruges, it is […]

Antwerp, a dynamic port city: between commerce and history

Antwerp, a dynamic port city: between commerce and history Located in northern Belgium, Antwerp is a dynamic port city that has played a major role in European trade for centuries. Its rich history and strategic geographical position make it a must-see for history and culture lovers. Antwerp’s history dates back to Roman times, when the […]

UN rights experts condemn Iran’s protest crackdown

Protests erupted throughout the country on Saturday marking the one-year anniversary of the 22-year-old Iranian woman’s death after she was detained by Iran’s morality police for allegedly not wearing her headscarf properly. Crackdown on protesters Iranian authorities briefly detained Ms. Amini’s father on Saturday and beefed-up security nationwide to deter protesters from taking to the […]